Tuesday, February 15, 2011

He's almost perfect.. but he's a gay

The other night, our dormitory held a meeting for the rules and regulations. My hubby and i were new at that place.

The emcee called someone named "Allan ______". His name is so masculine. Then a guy behind my hubby stood up.

I was stupefied for a while and my eyes kept drooling in every part of his face as he walked in front and took the microphone. I said to my hubby "My gosh he is so perfect" but he just gave me a big smile and pinched my face.

Well the guy was tall, perfect face or much better say that he was really handsome, mestizo, captivating eyes, red kissable lips, cute dimples, and of course sexy body. So perfect to be a man.

As I was on my phantasm, my hubby whispered "He's a gay."

A split of second the illusion ended.. Cleverly I said "How did you know?.....ohww you're just insecure because he is gorgeous. He is straight!!!"

He replied "Looked at him and listen".

I discerned that while the guy was holding the microphone, the other hand would sway and sway as gestures. When he laughed, he covers his mouth. Obviously, his fingers were clean, well trimmed and polished.

He stood one leg bended. It seems his hips flowed with the sway of his hand.

His lips' reddish. But it snob as he pause - squeezing, circling and pulping out most of the time. And his eyebrow raised up though it looked so virgin.

Well, the way he talked was much more evident. He uttered in gay slang "shinetch", "merla", "ingrata", "churva"... etc. and all of us would just laughed. But honestly, he is smart.

Agreeably my hubby was right.

I asked my hubby, "Why in the world today has so many gays when there are many single women out there waiting for the perfect or so called right man?"

And he replied.. "Because there are many lesbians, too. Balance of nature."

Perhaps, identity of whether you are a straight girl or boy, gay or lesbian - does not matter anymore. What is essential that all people pay respect for each other.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Does Online Dating Really Works

I was surprised when my cuzin Jodi called saying Vic wants to see and marry her. She was so very excited and Vic is unstoppable buzzing me on ym how she loves Jodi - the voice, laughter, and the comforting words.

Jodi, 32, works in Hongkong while Vic is in Florida,20 years older than her. Actually they just met on line and are planning to meet in person on time. To cut the story- now they very in love with each other and wants to get marry.

Does online relationship really works out? Are there still someone online that is in quaity, attaractive and of course available? With just one click can I be lucky to hit one?

Perhaps, yes, there are still many good men online looking for good women to spend their life with. I have heard about couples who met online and now are in commitments and getting married.

Online dating has changed a lot since its conception. Before it was mostly for flirting and interacting virtually (cybersex, photo exchange, etc). Nowadays it seems more like online meeting and dating in order to find real relationship.

There are many online dating sites services open 24 hours where members have all had background checks performed prior to being admitted.


1. You can be anonymous with no commitment from you the user. Of course you may do so but at your own discretion and when you feel completely safe.

2. Gain confidence by chatting to lots of singles, exchanging compliments and building up your ego at the same time.

3. Friend Finder and perhaps love. Thus, it bridge geographical barriers.

1. Not all people who visit dating sites are interested on online dating. Some are just for fun, flirting and hmmm for virtual sex .

2. There are many users who provide false information of themselves. Some pretends to be single but they are actually married and have children. Some disguise their age, appearance, status, or gender.

3. Some are for scams and some have hidden intentions for white slavery or human trafficking.

When you are engaging to online dating, have a little caution and attention to every detail to protect yourself too. Screen out the wrong men online that seems to start conversation for fun. Sometimes it is good to be not true so hide facts about you.

Online dating can lead to many wonderful adventures in the dating world. It is not impossible to find the person of your dreams just one click away.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I hate my heart...

I do not understand what love and life has something in common.
Why loving someone means a whole world of living.. and when he hurts you means of dying.
The pain of broken love is like a living death.
And what hurts most is seeing the one you love loving someone else..

Why is there such a word time - when all you can have are tomorrows,
when all you need now is past.
Why is there such a word late - when all i did was to wait.
Why I am so unwise? or this is the right thing for us?
When we were together.. the world is so cruel or was it just hearts are full of grudges.
Why I still ache when I thought I was over you, when i thought I have my life now.
There is no getting over -because inside, my heart cripples.
I do not know love until I met pain..
I can't believe - I made a greatest mistake in my life.
Was it? or better things never yet seen

Love is never blind - it was our choice to be blinded.

I don't know where this words are leading.
All i know now - my heart is dying.

A love can never be right again and nothing we can do.

Goodbye ...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Getting Over After A Long Term Relationship.

I have a couple friends who have been lovers since our college days. They become professional in their field. Wedding plans are all set ready. Family and friends are excited.
But a 2 months before the wedding, the girl called the boy and wanted to have break-up. The reason? She has found someone else or perhaps there is more than that. The boy could hardly believe what happened to them. It was just eight years ago, the two were very obviously in love with each other. How could it happen? They both admitted, the past weeks were never good to them. They always argue and never met on same point.

Whatever the reasons of their break-up, many felt dismayed of the eight years relationship.

Break ups could be the most traumatic especially when you had treasure the relationship for long years. It is so hard to get over and moving onward. There is always a great deal of pain and things that reminds of your ex. And there is no way to patch the pain over. No way of winning the love again.

But there are definite ways to move forward and a way to find a new relationship:

1. Hide the things that remind the two of you. Love letters, gifts or anything that has something to do with your ex - keep them in a box and pledge yourself to never open it until you find yourself moving on and ready to a new relationship. In a long run, you can open it again and find yourself laughing of the past.
If forgetting is one thing so hard to to do- burn it all. Harsh am I? yes, it is true. Because keeping those things can make yourself irresistible crying out to them and sometimes could give different meaning to your new partner if ever.

2. Re- arrange your environment.Get time to renovate your house. Bring down old photos and pillows that reminds her. This is true after the marriage or live-in relationship. Transfer to a new house coz sometimes old house still has memories in every corner.

3. Go out for socialization. Have fun. Enjoy your time mingling with friends. As much as possible, it is better to go out with friends or people that has nothing to do about your ex. This would greatly help you to socialize without hesitations and the best way to avoid questions and topic about your ex.

4. No to love music. Yes, when we heard love songs - happiness or pain it still reminds you. We easily recall back the past and cry. Go on patriotic songs or rock music for a while. This sounds so jerky but this is true- best way to deal yourself out of the pain.

5. Have something to keep you busy. If working, push hard to work. Get in early and come home late. If it is ok, you can do the work of others just to please not them-but yourself. If studying, this could be the best way you can go on scanning the old pages of your books. Take more time reading or solving math problems.

6. Just smile even your heart is aching. Never frown because of being left heartbroken. It will just make you ugly and old. It is not good showing your ex how bad things to you since the break up.

Move on. Get a new life. Don't make your days miserable and unfair while your ex has a great time without you.

Remember, it is always great to feel pain and have it cry out loud. It is not bad to cry again when you think of past - this the good way to get in touch with your emotions and self. Thinking what positive sides the pain has brought you.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

When Do I Know That It's Time To Let Go

On the rock relationship - Do I have to give up? When do I know it is the right to time to let go?

1. He is ignoring you. Two way communication is the most important to keep the relationship moving and growing. But if the partner refuses to talk to you and continue to ignore you, making out reasons - well, it is a sign of immaturity and pushing you out.

2. One party working. It would not be fair if one party alone is giving out effort of showing care, love and attention to the partner. It must be a both way giving and taking responsibilities. If you feel your partner has been taking you for granted - wake up! do not waste your time to a wasteful person.

3. Attitude changed. As time goes by, as relationship takes long- true attitude comes out. But, take into consideration that loving is not all about joy and laughter. Someones attitudes, points and views, and beliefs can sometimes hurt you. Yet, both should never disregard the feelings and opinions of the partner - respect and love should still govern. If he is very high and might, and sees only his self- make a move.

4. Third party involved. This could be the biggest matter if the problem exist with someone between the two of you.Relationships involves lots of pains and temptations- near or far relationship. Most of relationships end up because of third party. So many reasons and factors behind these, but, if you can forgive and forget - why not? Many says, love is sweeter the second time around.

However, if so much pain and trust has been really broken, then let go. It would never be the same again. Let time moves what will happen next between the two of you.

5. Love lost. Sometimes this happen without knowing you already lost your love for your partner. It is a mere fact that relationship do not stay long just because of LOVE. It is really with a matter of CHOICE between the two of you if you want to stay long-being in love and making a choice. If no love really exist at all, be honest with your partner. Talk about it and how the two of you can deal with it.

Giving up a relationship surely should be time taking and mind whistling. Never do it at one night coz you will regret it forever. Exert effort to fixed things between the two of you, but if you see nothing happens- you must give up. Cry it out and move on. You will see there is much more to see outside.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Early Pregnancy: Do I have to marry?

"My boyfriend and I are both 16 years old. I am pregnant. He is willing to marry me but I am two sided. Both our parents want us to get marry and support us. We are still in college and I have so many plans in mind. If i get marry.. will i be happy? will i not regret it? if i won't marry-what will happen to me? "

So many questions arises when early pregnancy happens. At this stage, some teenagers who find hard to open it up to family tends for abortion or suicide. On the other hand, some parents demands for marriage. Perhaps for a reason to avoid social/community gossips, religion, and family's credibility.

I have a very close friend who get pregnant at the early stage of 18 and both are still in college. They were seem excited to get marry and seem nobody can separate them. Both parents demands for marriage. Actually, they were just 5months way getting to know as boyfriend/girlfriend.

Because of pregnancy, the girl has to stop school. After the birth, the boy decided to take a job to sustain the needs of his family. Well, actually the boy's parents were there always to financially support them. But it was a boy's pride to ought his responsibilities. On the way of marriage life, teenage spirit aroused to the boy's part- hangouts with friends, discos, beer drinkings and marijuana at the end.

These were not handled well, that they started fighting and hurting the girl. After a year the girl decided to come back to his parents. They got their own separate ways. The girl fall in love with someone but cannot marry him (because she is still legally married and applying for divorce is very expensive and long to wait) while her husband is still enjoying the peers with his friends.

The attitude is, marriage is not the answer of pregnancy to teenage couples. Getting marry at early age really changes everything you have planned for. Mostly regrets comes in for many reasons and factors. And only few survives. Well, i guess it is a matter of decision but being pregnant should not be the first basis why you have to marry. Think a lot if both could be responsible enough to be not just a parents but as a husband and wife.