Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Surviving with a Long Distance Relationship

Getting involved with a long distance relationship is not easy as having the one you love close to you. More trials and tests of love comes along the way and surely measures the milestones of the relationship.

How can I survive with a long distance relationship?

1. Make an agreement
This would clearly define what goes between the two of you. Make an agreement of what you expect for the relationship and how much commitment you are willing to give and receive. Be open of what you want and the things you fear of having this type of relationship. In same way, learn to listen and accept his views. Discuss your plans and know where the two of you should meet. Being monogamous in decisions help prevent future misunderstandings and mistakes.

2. Constant Communication
Everyday communication if possible is very important. If not, explain your daily route and financial status so that the other party can understand. Communication like making phone calls is very expensive but a very practical way to directly express your feelings, share interests and bridge the distances. Somehow it fills the missing link in your heart.

3. Mark the important dates
Distance or miles apart doesn't mean having an excuse on forgetting or not celebrating the special days for the two of you. Either anniversary or birthdays these should be marked on your calendar. Sending letters or gifts compensate your absences.

4. Enjoy being alone
Long distance relationship gives lot of advantages. You can spend more time with your self and friends. You can do whatever you want - strolling, mountaineering and getting chance to engage in activities that will build your characteristics and be physically fit. But learn to put limits and remember the agreements the two of you made. Just never do things that will give no good to the relationship.

5. Avoid jealousy, have trust and be faithful
Jealousy is very poisonous that could ruin relationship. It is a mere fact that once we love - we trust the person but jealousy slowly rooted up as time goes. It is hypocrite to say that you never felt jealous. If you do not want to put dead end, better control your jealousy. Trust and jealousy do fight in mind as love is being test.
Trust and faithfulness is a major necessity if you wish a relationship to last long. Just be positive as everything will be better.

5. Avoid temptation
Most commonly, long distance relationships fail because of temptations. Physical temptations

6. Set a limit
Nobody wants to wait forever!
Setting a limit is a very wise decision if you do not want to end up waiting forever. There will come a time when the two of you decide to be seriously get involve in a deeper form of relationship and settle in one place. If settling in one place would be impossible with some acceptable reasons, do plan to see each other on regular basis. This somehow makes you forget the distance apart. But if your partner really loves you, he really wants to be with you.

There could be no better way of knowing the person well but to spend time close to him.