Sunday, October 26, 2008

My 28th Birthday!!!

From my MCO Family and my Papa & Mama

Last October 24 was my hmmm 28th birthday.. Gosh! I'm 28 years old but i don't feel being 28. I feel I'm not yet totally grown up - in decision makings, plans, career and my face.. whatever!!!

Well, it's ok to be 28 just as long as i look 20..

For 28 years on earth, I know I have been blessed with a good family, friends, and work. Every year of my birthday were all memorable and special than any other occasions. Not even Christmas or New year can compensate the feeling of celebrating the day you were born.

Before, when October hits the calendar I started counting the days and planning what I wants for the next year. But now, I was not excited actually. Got this thinkin' "oh, my God just 3 years from now I'll be counting my age out of calendar!"

But when my friends started to greet me, I can see they were so happy for my birthday.. well i guess I should be happy. After all the long 28 years of ups and downs in life.. i still breathe.. I SURVIVE.

Wishing for myself a more years to go with my family and friends, good and succesful work.. and hmmmm a happy & contented marriage life soon.. :=)