Friday, October 31, 2008

Goodbye MinSSAD

Today, October 31, 2008... is my last day at MinSSAD (Mindanao Sustainable Settlement Development) Consultants Office. In which I have been working since December 05, 2007. The consultancy is closing coz projects have ended, funds have all been released and terminal reports are working on now.

Well, so sad I could not see my friends louraine and melowdee everyday, and surely I'll be missing my desktop, table, and my chair which was left by my fave boss sir cate (for me to remember him always). Deep in my heart, I'm glad I was part of the MinSSAD Team were I was able to serve my country in such ways.

I do not know my life after MinSSAD. I do not know if my new employer and officemates would be as same as MinSSAD.. So many questions, would i be comfortable with them? would they treat me good? would i enjoy? much more... could i able to meet their expectations? I do not care about the income.. I care for my self with them.

I do not know if i'll get the job or not.. Gosh!!!

Keepin' my finger cross hoping everything would run as I have wanted.

But I really do not know if there is an internet connection there!! no YM no SKYPE no BLOGS!!!

Wish me luck guys for my new life...