Thursday, February 19, 2009

When Do I Know That It's Time To Let Go

On the rock relationship - Do I have to give up? When do I know it is the right to time to let go?

1. He is ignoring you. Two way communication is the most important to keep the relationship moving and growing. But if the partner refuses to talk to you and continue to ignore you, making out reasons - well, it is a sign of immaturity and pushing you out.

2. One party working. It would not be fair if one party alone is giving out effort of showing care, love and attention to the partner. It must be a both way giving and taking responsibilities. If you feel your partner has been taking you for granted - wake up! do not waste your time to a wasteful person.

3. Attitude changed. As time goes by, as relationship takes long- true attitude comes out. But, take into consideration that loving is not all about joy and laughter. Someones attitudes, points and views, and beliefs can sometimes hurt you. Yet, both should never disregard the feelings and opinions of the partner - respect and love should still govern. If he is very high and might, and sees only his self- make a move.

4. Third party involved. This could be the biggest matter if the problem exist with someone between the two of you.Relationships involves lots of pains and temptations- near or far relationship. Most of relationships end up because of third party. So many reasons and factors behind these, but, if you can forgive and forget - why not? Many says, love is sweeter the second time around.

However, if so much pain and trust has been really broken, then let go. It would never be the same again. Let time moves what will happen next between the two of you.

5. Love lost. Sometimes this happen without knowing you already lost your love for your partner. It is a mere fact that relationship do not stay long just because of LOVE. It is really with a matter of CHOICE between the two of you if you want to stay long-being in love and making a choice. If no love really exist at all, be honest with your partner. Talk about it and how the two of you can deal with it.

Giving up a relationship surely should be time taking and mind whistling. Never do it at one night coz you will regret it forever. Exert effort to fixed things between the two of you, but if you see nothing happens- you must give up. Cry it out and move on. You will see there is much more to see outside.