Tuesday, February 15, 2011

He's almost perfect.. but he's a gay

The other night, our dormitory held a meeting for the rules and regulations. My hubby and i were new at that place.

The emcee called someone named "Allan ______". His name is so masculine. Then a guy behind my hubby stood up.

I was stupefied for a while and my eyes kept drooling in every part of his face as he walked in front and took the microphone. I said to my hubby "My gosh he is so perfect" but he just gave me a big smile and pinched my face.

Well the guy was tall, perfect face or much better say that he was really handsome, mestizo, captivating eyes, red kissable lips, cute dimples, and of course sexy body. So perfect to be a man.

As I was on my phantasm, my hubby whispered "He's a gay."

A split of second the illusion ended.. Cleverly I said "How did you know?.....ohww you're just insecure because he is gorgeous. He is straight!!!"

He replied "Looked at him and listen".

I discerned that while the guy was holding the microphone, the other hand would sway and sway as gestures. When he laughed, he covers his mouth. Obviously, his fingers were clean, well trimmed and polished.

He stood one leg bended. It seems his hips flowed with the sway of his hand.

His lips' reddish. But it snob as he pause - squeezing, circling and pulping out most of the time. And his eyebrow raised up though it looked so virgin.

Well, the way he talked was much more evident. He uttered in gay slang "shinetch", "merla", "ingrata", "churva"... etc. and all of us would just laughed. But honestly, he is smart.

Agreeably my hubby was right.

I asked my hubby, "Why in the world today has so many gays when there are many single women out there waiting for the perfect or so called right man?"

And he replied.. "Because there are many lesbians, too. Balance of nature."

Perhaps, identity of whether you are a straight girl or boy, gay or lesbian - does not matter anymore. What is essential that all people pay respect for each other.