Wednesday, August 20, 2008

am i IN or OUT?

NOKIA 1100

This is my first owned cellular phone. I bought it from the money my father gave as a share of helping him during our rice field harvest of later part of 2004.Still now it functions just like the first day i bought it.

It was juz a 2 days old to me when i accidentally washed the phone with the blankets in the washing machine. I went back to the store where I bought it to consume the warranty and they juz have it dried. Chada!!! still beeping.

And juz by following 3 weeks, my 2 year old nephew throw my cellphone in the toilet bowl while i was busy studying. Luckily, he has no knowledge how to flush the bowl that time.So i dried it up on the fan or under the heat of sun for 3 days.Chada again!!!still beeping.

And this my other cellphone. A second hand which i bought from my laborer of one of my construction projects last March 2008 at only 1,500 pesos. Actually, i do not need another cellphone but he needs a money so i get it.

With the fast evolutions of cellular phones today, am i still in or out of the techno trail?

Honestly, i do not care. I used my cellphones without hesitations of displaying it publicly.hihihi. I do not envy because i do not need to be part of growing socialization of technologies as others are thinking (not all of us). I am not interested in cellular gadgets with latest cameras, videos, mp3 or other additional specs.

I use my phone the way their main functions should be- communications.

I really love them. They are part of me and i could not take the feelings of of disposing them or for collections and have fun beeping with new ones. Well, it is juz me.

I value what i have now. They will serve me as long as they beep and stay with me even no life at all.

If they are tired of beeping, well i guess that would be the time i will buy new. Even in or out of the latest cellphone trends.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Friday

After my travel in San Francisco, Agusan del Sur and a night at Wise Hotel (read My 1st Experience in a Hotel Alone in San Francisco-below), i felt 75% less burdened of office works.. So i got time to blog hop and post more. Since April 2008 I wasn't able to give much time for it. My viewer numbers were so discouraging.

My blogger friend and office mate,Sir doods always asked "how's ur blog?".. Well, i just said.."nothin to update, got no time, i'm discouraged.".

Just this Tuesday, i started my three day blog hoppin' and posting.My last viewer numbers was 302.. and now look at it! It's 661!!!

Now, feels like im back at start. The enthusiast in blog hoppin and thinkin what to post is increasing!!hihihi..But what really make me glad? I realized, if you do lots of blog hoppin- you'll meet lots of new friends, read their different points of views, interest, travel there countries and see the wonders of creations and inventions...

It feels like "I belong!"

Monday, August 4, 2008

A Hair Make Over

Heck! It WAS ME..way back just a month ago.. for 15 years I have been a curly girl..Not just an ordinary wave of hairs..but a super curly..

Actually, I was born with a straight hair.. don't know at age 12 my hairs began to form waves. My mom always cut my hairs and used mineral oils after bath to thicken hair strands and somehow to make my brown hair look black. Maybe it impulse the natural curly genes to burst out "it's in my genes"

Then, this is ME NOW!.. because of so called HAIR REBOND! expensive but i feel light and great now.

Just more of hair maintenance..but when new hair grows..surely it would be a curly hair again..

Many admires my curly hair..but each day was a struggle. Know why?
1. I have to take shampoo & conditioner everyday. One sachet each wasn't enough to feel clean.
2. I got to have different sets of comb. Never misses a big tooth comb at morning and after bath.
3. Lots of hair ties and fasten my hair everday and never look messed.
4. Always finished with oil or gels to control my hairs.
5. So prone with dandruff and that is the reality.
6. I could not put lots of hair clips coz if i did? ..clips and curls rumbles and got no choice but to cut my hair.
7. Lastly, so tired combing my hair everday.So sometimes after bath, I immediately tied it up.

Now, don't have to worry about messing up with my hair, dandruff, and hair ties. Now, my pocket can smile coz a one sachet of shampoo can take for a week and a conditioner for every two days. See how I saved? Not just money but time.

Is there any hair technology that would make my hair look straight forever?

Sometimes, I do missed my curly waves.. my friends misses it too..coz they say MY CURLY HAIR DISTINCT ME FROM THE REST.