Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Surviving with a Long Distance Relationship

Getting involved with a long distance relationship is not easy as having the one you love close to you. More trials and tests of love comes along the way and surely measures the milestones of the relationship.

How can I survive with a long distance relationship?

1. Make an agreement
This would clearly define what goes between the two of you. Make an agreement of what you expect for the relationship and how much commitment you are willing to give and receive. Be open of what you want and the things you fear of having this type of relationship. In same way, learn to listen and accept his views. Discuss your plans and know where the two of you should meet. Being monogamous in decisions help prevent future misunderstandings and mistakes.

2. Constant Communication
Everyday communication if possible is very important. If not, explain your daily route and financial status so that the other party can understand. Communication like making phone calls is very expensive but a very practical way to directly express your feelings, share interests and bridge the distances. Somehow it fills the missing link in your heart.

3. Mark the important dates
Distance or miles apart doesn't mean having an excuse on forgetting or not celebrating the special days for the two of you. Either anniversary or birthdays these should be marked on your calendar. Sending letters or gifts compensate your absences.

4. Enjoy being alone
Long distance relationship gives lot of advantages. You can spend more time with your self and friends. You can do whatever you want - strolling, mountaineering and getting chance to engage in activities that will build your characteristics and be physically fit. But learn to put limits and remember the agreements the two of you made. Just never do things that will give no good to the relationship.

5. Avoid jealousy, have trust and be faithful
Jealousy is very poisonous that could ruin relationship. It is a mere fact that once we love - we trust the person but jealousy slowly rooted up as time goes. It is hypocrite to say that you never felt jealous. If you do not want to put dead end, better control your jealousy. Trust and jealousy do fight in mind as love is being test.
Trust and faithfulness is a major necessity if you wish a relationship to last long. Just be positive as everything will be better.

5. Avoid temptation
Most commonly, long distance relationships fail because of temptations. Physical temptations

6. Set a limit
Nobody wants to wait forever!
Setting a limit is a very wise decision if you do not want to end up waiting forever. There will come a time when the two of you decide to be seriously get involve in a deeper form of relationship and settle in one place. If settling in one place would be impossible with some acceptable reasons, do plan to see each other on regular basis. This somehow makes you forget the distance apart. But if your partner really loves you, he really wants to be with you.

There could be no better way of knowing the person well but to spend time close to him.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hard to say "Sorry"

Saying sorry is sometimes hard to say. Hard to admit we made a mistake and we have hurt someone. In other way, we ca never feel sorry if we are not guilty and never feel hurt in return.

"I'm sorry" is also powerful as saying "I love you" to the person. And perhaps much harder to utter than confessing love. It is an incredible and powerful word that makes you to cry and laugh.

Why is it sometimes hard to say sorry? Was it because you feel you are not to blame? or was it because of PRIDE?

What if you really feel guilty and wanted to say sorry but the word Sorry is hard to speak?

One way to express sorry when it's hard to say. Once you hold him in your arms, for sure there is no way for him to say no but to hug you in return too.

When you smile to the one you have, he would assume you have accepted your mistakes and wants things start over again. Well, if he don't smile back.. it is okay. At least some pinch of guiltiness were pulled out. It is up to him to carry that burden.

Tapping shoulder - well, it's obviously mean that what had happened were all forgotten.

Showing good - this is hard to describe by him and perhaps would took long but easy to express sorry for you. Just do chores that could lighten him, help him in not obvious ways, bring foods to all and give him share to, and just keep silent and never utter if no good words to say.

Above all mention, I admit it is hard for me too. And thru actions have always been my ways to show how sorry I am. This especially, when you feel sorry to one older than you.

Pride really ruins everything when not properly use. Think a hundred times before you say words when someone in front of you is angry. But I know this things hard to remember when you are into the situation of hurting and pride being touch. Hurting words easy to utter when we were hurt and regret at end.

Well, we are not all perfect. Sometimes pride is the only thing that make us strong and move. Each of us is carrying a banner of PRIDE.. and it is hard to HUMBLE down. So let us just mine our own banner so that saying SORRY will never be raised up.

Isolated Me!!

Since last week, my days were never good... Nothing bad happened.. it was juz that i don't feel much talking even with my friends at office.

Goin' to office and rightly seat on my chair and concentrating to works and blogs. At lunch, I never care what stories my officemates were talkin about.. I was busy thinking of anything, eating and savoring the real flavor of the f
oods.. At home, I juz take dinner and watched TV all night till 1am.

Everyday, doin this.. Isolating my world for myself alone..gosh.. I juz realized it's so boring beein alone. But I never really feel bein punky this time..

Been so busy in office and mind crossing east and west of many things.. Till i began to asked myself and wonder where will this career leads?.. am i a professional? am i proud of myself? where will i be next? - so that was a reason i posted be called a Professinal Civil Engineer"

Maybe perhaps I was waiting for much better things to happen along the way.

Monday, November 17, 2008

to be called a Professional Civil Engineer???

Something came across my mind while i was busy doing CAD works about Map locations of our company's project..I am a civil engineer now. I have passed the board exam in one clicked,(hmmm don't ask my score rate), got experienced in structural designing (merely 2- storey up residentials and commercial buildings on steel and concrete frames), some small details of bridges, and hydraulic systems. I was able to handle hmmmm small projects I say but proud to say I was the one handled it and able to gave big profits to the company I worked before. I'm acquainted with 2D CAD and basics of 3D and some structural programs.. but still for myself these experiences i have now - were not enough to take pride and shout for there are far more better .. who designed and constructed amazing structures in this world..I have a very long long long way to go and sweat....

when can I say that I am really a professional Civil Engineer?

I passed this question to some of my friends on this field.

"when you are practicing your Civil Engineering Works with wide-depth knowledge and experiences, with technical basis,ethics, safety, economics, share and continue education.... respect other profession and fellow civil engineer...." from one of my boss sir Roel a land and water development expert/consultant.

"yup i think experience can make you one
board exam is nothing but a mere reflection of how much have you learned in college
but the the profession itself can be learned thru experience... " from my friend adelle who is also a civil engineer.

"if u r license then u r a professional civil engineer!" from sir Rickie, civil engineer and bridge expert/consultant.

"it has something to do with your attitude towards your profession as a whole" from my friend chester, an archtectural engineer in Palau.

but if we clearly define what PROFESSIONAL means in dictionary it is trained, skilled, practiced, expert, proficient, and certified..

for me to put conclusion what a professional civil engineer is..
" License matter in this field to be called civil engineer.. wide and depth experienced in its scope is a great credit.. but what matters most is CHARACTER.

It is the way you can gain respect from others to be called professional.

What is the use of telling the world "i'm a professional civil engineer!" when you look around there is much better than you that juz keep his silence and humble.

Well, the road to success is always under construction to CIVIL ENGINEERS.
Unending task and unending journey towards the world of PROFESSIONALS.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Samal Island Breakin Free

Weekend break with my neice... at Samal island city!!!

See how amazing the creations are.. it's good to be here.. Relaxing ang breathtaking

Friday, October 31, 2008

Goodbye MinSSAD

Today, October 31, 2008... is my last day at MinSSAD (Mindanao Sustainable Settlement Development) Consultants Office. In which I have been working since December 05, 2007. The consultancy is closing coz projects have ended, funds have all been released and terminal reports are working on now.

Well, so sad I could not see my friends louraine and melowdee everyday, and surely I'll be missing my desktop, table, and my chair which was left by my fave boss sir cate (for me to remember him always). Deep in my heart, I'm glad I was part of the MinSSAD Team were I was able to serve my country in such ways.

I do not know my life after MinSSAD. I do not know if my new employer and officemates would be as same as MinSSAD.. So many questions, would i be comfortable with them? would they treat me good? would i enjoy? much more... could i able to meet their expectations? I do not care about the income.. I care for my self with them.

I do not know if i'll get the job or not.. Gosh!!!

Keepin' my finger cross hoping everything would run as I have wanted.

But I really do not know if there is an internet connection there!! no YM no SKYPE no BLOGS!!!

Wish me luck guys for my new life...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My 28th Birthday!!!

From my MCO Family and my Papa & Mama

Last October 24 was my hmmm 28th birthday.. Gosh! I'm 28 years old but i don't feel being 28. I feel I'm not yet totally grown up - in decision makings, plans, career and my face.. whatever!!!

Well, it's ok to be 28 just as long as i look 20..

For 28 years on earth, I know I have been blessed with a good family, friends, and work. Every year of my birthday were all memorable and special than any other occasions. Not even Christmas or New year can compensate the feeling of celebrating the day you were born.

Before, when October hits the calendar I started counting the days and planning what I wants for the next year. But now, I was not excited actually. Got this thinkin' "oh, my God just 3 years from now I'll be counting my age out of calendar!"

But when my friends started to greet me, I can see they were so happy for my birthday.. well i guess I should be happy. After all the long 28 years of ups and downs in life.. i still breathe.. I SURVIVE.

Wishing for myself a more years to go with my family and friends, good and succesful work.. and hmmmm a happy & contented marriage life soon.. :=)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Me & My Food at blogger's night

Last night, October 20, 2008 was the DIGITAL FILIPINO CLUB FELLOWSHIP NIGHT at Grand Regal Hotel, Davao City. It was the first time i attend that kind of event with co-blogger friends melowdee , louraine, and sir doods .

Actually, I was not in focus of the topic of that night... hihiihihi for i was busy concentrating with my yummy foods and my eyes rolling around the lights and blogger's faces.. I guess my plate was only full that time.. and i finished last..hahhaaha..

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pussyrats on the go - CAMP SABROS

October 1, 2008 was declared holiday in respect of Muslims Ramadhan festival.. So the pussyrat girls- melowdee , louraine , mae and I explore what Camp Sabros so known with..

Camp Sabros word means Sacdalan Brothers, is located in Kapatagan, Digos City. A beautiful area atop a mountainous wilderness of lush greens, 3980 feet above sea level. A two hour bus travel from Davao City which cost 64 pesos. From the old terminal of Digos city we hired a motorcycle 80 pesos/head for almost an hour up and down of the road. Then made a stop on the checkpoint and began to hike up the entrance to the camp for less 30minutes.

We got all the time enjoying the place, zipp lines, shouting and most of all memories of friendships. Well, at least we felt what it is when superman!!!! The feelings hard to describe but the feeling up their in a split of seconds were all worries free...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

From Keziah

Jus this day i was chatting with my very special sister in heart keziah and told her i'm engaged and will get marry on december 23. well a long story of love and pain that she composed this poem for me. got no title for it..hihi..
Kit, thank you so much. The love and joy your family gave to me. Always be in my heart and really long to see you soon. I love you my dear.

I just can’t understand the way of all the men and their mistakes

You give them all your heart
And then they try to rip it all away
You told me how much you love me,
And how our love was meant to be
And I believe in you I thought that you will set me free

You should’ve just told me the truth,
That I wasn’t the girl for you
Still I didn’t have a clue,
My heart depended on you

Although I’ll say I hate you now,
Though I’ll shout and curse you out
I’ll always have love for you,
Because I am a girl..

Been told a man will leave you cold,
Get sick of you and bored
I know that its no lie,
I gave my all still I just cry

Never again will I be fooled,
To give my all when nothing’s true
I won’t be played again
But I will fall in love again

I love you so
Now you leave

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Beautiful Neice

Genes Nueva Mabel, my niece born with bilateral cleft and palate. Born on January 26, 2006. We call her baktin (little piggy), Bianca Flor, Rosing, Gwapita (beauty) and atribida (actress of non sense).

It was October 2006 when she had her first cleft operation. She was just 9 months then and the youngest of all ten babies operated on that special schedule. Before the operation the doctor must see to it that the baby is healthy..means no fever, cough and running nose. Most she must have not eaten or drink milk for within 4 hours before the operation. She was the second to be operated. No guardian allowed inside the operating room. We waited outside of i guess less 2 hours. We never noticed the time coz our mind was filled of her cries as the nurse carried her inside the room.
After the operation i was about to collapsed when i saw her face. Lips filled with threads and betadine, eyes sored coz of crying and arms binded with tape and rolled hard paper so she wont scratch her lips.. and as much as possible she must not cry... But the worst on her was to feed her milk just by drops and drops.. when she used to have 7 bottled milk of 250 ml per day and some cereals.
And by June 2007 was her second operation for palate. She was 1 year and 9 months old. Juz by the time she got recovered now here it goes the second omen of her dreams. She got phobia of nurses and doctors..whoever wears white that time.So my mother had to attend her inside the operating room and she cried as the operation went. As usual, the baby underwent fasting again before the operation.
After the operation, her mouth were tied with bandages. As if she looked liked bein kidnap and tied mouth. Bloods and saliva just flow freely from her mouth as she cried. Just picture it out!!!
Now, here she is. Seems no scars of pain in her memories. She is funny and her heart always filled with joy. She knows she has facial defect coz she really take care of her mouth/lips. She play games that won't hurt her lips. She joins boxing, tom & jerry play any game with her brothers.. juz "touch not my lips". Coz if you did, she'll punch your lips too.hiihihi.. She's the only girl of all grandchildren on both sides of her parents but she is the master of the game.Everytime she speak a word & talks a lot we clapped and appreciate her eventhough sometimes we could not understand. Sometimes she sensed we don't get her words, she juz makes hand signals or grabbed you to the thing she wants to emphasized. What gives us joy is when she sings. She loves singing and immitate the way my mom sings in high tunes.
She is so beautiful and smart. We now know the reason why she was born in bilateral cleft and palate.. because she cannot be perfect and nobody is perfect.
The doctor said after her 18 years
of age she can under nose lifting. But right now she is beautiful as she is.. and many says so.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Parents to Parents

Bob and i have been friends/classmates in civil engineering since 1999 of college starts and been lovers for 56months..hmm.. well counting forward of 10years knowing together..we have decided to get married even despite of miles apart for 2 years because of work.

Well, here it comes the Filipino culture where the family of the boy must personally ask the
approval of the girl's parents. His hometown is about 4hours bus travel from here my home.

The used to be culture of
before the approval of parents was the boy has to serve the girl's family for not less of three months where he would either do the cook, laundry or some household chores in order to please the family and somehow give ease to the parents that the man is ready to serve their daughter of whatever means.

And the day that both parents will meet, before they could enter the house of the girl the family of the boy should render a song as they say in poem way (like the Songs of Solomon or Balak) or hire someone to do for them and must not forget to brin
g foods for offering. This i think is done to declare their good intentions to the woman. And if everything would run smoothly, the family of the boy are welcome in to the house of the girl and have banquet with them and discuss the matter of wedding.

I really do not know much about this c
ulture or to whom tribe it started.But well bob has a Boholanon blood and i am a Genuine Ilongga.But actually we did not observe this practices. As of days now, we can think it is really corny and funny to do. Maybe because in the city we see that this practices has not been observed strictly and more are adapting the western cultures. Eventhough, this was not done during the meetings of our parents last August 29, 2008, gave us different feelings of excitement and fear. I prepared the table, drinks, rice and fruits while bob brought foods from the resto where we made reservations a day before. Well, as i have observed our parents came click and close so easy. They just discuss about our wedding just a matter of minutes but the rest of four hours were about wars and terrorisms. Gosh! how about our wedding!!! Well, as long our parents view feels better

Therefore, my wedding day? expect on December 23,2008. Now busy working and wedding matters while bob is far back to his work.
Wish me luck guys!!!.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Ad???

Heard of Miss Tweety de Leon? a Filipina Model.. she has been the main Nestle endorser.

Haahahha.. in this video i was trying to immitate her... but gosh!! i wasn't really prepared and i forgot her lines.

I wonder how does it feels bein' on tv and broadcast it nationwide or perhaps in HOLLYWOOD...

Get Away Trip with my Tot


Visiting our Alma Mater

Kabacan, North Cotabato

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

am i IN or OUT?

NOKIA 1100

This is my first owned cellular phone. I bought it from the money my father gave as a share of helping him during our rice field harvest of later part of 2004.Still now it functions just like the first day i bought it.

It was juz a 2 days old to me when i accidentally washed the phone with the blankets in the washing machine. I went back to the store where I bought it to consume the warranty and they juz have it dried. Chada!!! still beeping.

And juz by following 3 weeks, my 2 year old nephew throw my cellphone in the toilet bowl while i was busy studying. Luckily, he has no knowledge how to flush the bowl that time.So i dried it up on the fan or under the heat of sun for 3 days.Chada again!!!still beeping.

And this my other cellphone. A second hand which i bought from my laborer of one of my construction projects last March 2008 at only 1,500 pesos. Actually, i do not need another cellphone but he needs a money so i get it.

With the fast evolutions of cellular phones today, am i still in or out of the techno trail?

Honestly, i do not care. I used my cellphones without hesitations of displaying it publicly.hihihi. I do not envy because i do not need to be part of growing socialization of technologies as others are thinking (not all of us). I am not interested in cellular gadgets with latest cameras, videos, mp3 or other additional specs.

I use my phone the way their main functions should be- communications.

I really love them. They are part of me and i could not take the feelings of of disposing them or for collections and have fun beeping with new ones. Well, it is juz me.

I value what i have now. They will serve me as long as they beep and stay with me even no life at all.

If they are tired of beeping, well i guess that would be the time i will buy new. Even in or out of the latest cellphone trends.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Friday

After my travel in San Francisco, Agusan del Sur and a night at Wise Hotel (read My 1st Experience in a Hotel Alone in San Francisco-below), i felt 75% less burdened of office works.. So i got time to blog hop and post more. Since April 2008 I wasn't able to give much time for it. My viewer numbers were so discouraging.

My blogger friend and office mate,Sir doods always asked "how's ur blog?".. Well, i just said.."nothin to update, got no time, i'm discouraged.".

Just this Tuesday, i started my three day blog hoppin' and posting.My last viewer numbers was 302.. and now look at it! It's 661!!!

Now, feels like im back at start. The enthusiast in blog hoppin and thinkin what to post is increasing!!hihihi..But what really make me glad? I realized, if you do lots of blog hoppin- you'll meet lots of new friends, read their different points of views, interest, travel there countries and see the wonders of creations and inventions...

It feels like "I belong!"

Monday, August 4, 2008

A Hair Make Over

Heck! It WAS ME..way back just a month ago.. for 15 years I have been a curly girl..Not just an ordinary wave of hairs..but a super curly..

Actually, I was born with a straight hair.. don't know at age 12 my hairs began to form waves. My mom always cut my hairs and used mineral oils after bath to thicken hair strands and somehow to make my brown hair look black. Maybe it impulse the natural curly genes to burst out "it's in my genes"

Then, this is ME NOW!.. because of so called HAIR REBOND! expensive but i feel light and great now.

Just more of hair maintenance..but when new hair grows..surely it would be a curly hair again..

Many admires my curly hair..but each day was a struggle. Know why?
1. I have to take shampoo & conditioner everyday. One sachet each wasn't enough to feel clean.
2. I got to have different sets of comb. Never misses a big tooth comb at morning and after bath.
3. Lots of hair ties and fasten my hair everday and never look messed.
4. Always finished with oil or gels to control my hairs.
5. So prone with dandruff and that is the reality.
6. I could not put lots of hair clips coz if i did? ..clips and curls rumbles and got no choice but to cut my hair.
7. Lastly, so tired combing my hair everday.So sometimes after bath, I immediately tied it up.

Now, don't have to worry about messing up with my hair, dandruff, and hair ties. Now, my pocket can smile coz a one sachet of shampoo can take for a week and a conditioner for every two days. See how I saved? Not just money but time.

Is there any hair technology that would make my hair look straight forever?

Sometimes, I do missed my curly waves.. my friends misses it too..coz they say MY CURLY HAIR DISTINCT ME FROM THE REST.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My 1st Experience in a Hotel Alone in San Francisco

San Francisco, California? Nope! Am talking bout San Francisco, Agusan Del Sur, Philippines..

..for our Infrastructure project assessments in this area.

"Wise Hotel" it has a new name called "Smart Drive Inn"... Yet still people on that place get used of the old name.

Well, this is my room. Room #22.Cozy & cuttie. What makes it difference is I am ALONE & FREE!

Feels like an alien.. a tourist in this place am not familiar with.
I could have a great time knowing myself & enjoy the moment while everythin is mine now. Tomorrow might not all be the same.

My heart feels light.. I could sleep without no one hurdling my pillows..I have my own cable tv and of course NO alarm clock of my mother's unstoppable mouth!!
But I could not sleep so I made myself busy..singin out lout.. callin my mama and little bro wang on phone..watchin tv.heck!!… juz to stop myself thinking creepy faces and things under my bed!!!

Only one thing I realized.. I couldn’t be happy alone without my family.. I couldn’t sleep without my little bro beside me..

"How are they now?"

Then by next day morning, I just realized I was able to sleep and it felt good even it was juz four hours... I took an early bath and strolled to the market--taking pictures and meeting people.

It was a time of my life I enjoyed SAN FRANCISCO..

I left my heart in SAN FRANCISCO as what my friend Adelle