Wednesday, August 20, 2008

am i IN or OUT?

NOKIA 1100

This is my first owned cellular phone. I bought it from the money my father gave as a share of helping him during our rice field harvest of later part of 2004.Still now it functions just like the first day i bought it.

It was juz a 2 days old to me when i accidentally washed the phone with the blankets in the washing machine. I went back to the store where I bought it to consume the warranty and they juz have it dried. Chada!!! still beeping.

And juz by following 3 weeks, my 2 year old nephew throw my cellphone in the toilet bowl while i was busy studying. Luckily, he has no knowledge how to flush the bowl that time.So i dried it up on the fan or under the heat of sun for 3 days.Chada again!!!still beeping.

And this my other cellphone. A second hand which i bought from my laborer of one of my construction projects last March 2008 at only 1,500 pesos. Actually, i do not need another cellphone but he needs a money so i get it.

With the fast evolutions of cellular phones today, am i still in or out of the techno trail?

Honestly, i do not care. I used my cellphones without hesitations of displaying it publicly.hihihi. I do not envy because i do not need to be part of growing socialization of technologies as others are thinking (not all of us). I am not interested in cellular gadgets with latest cameras, videos, mp3 or other additional specs.

I use my phone the way their main functions should be- communications.

I really love them. They are part of me and i could not take the feelings of of disposing them or for collections and have fun beeping with new ones. Well, it is juz me.

I value what i have now. They will serve me as long as they beep and stay with me even no life at all.

If they are tired of beeping, well i guess that would be the time i will buy new. Even in or out of the latest cellphone trends.