Thursday, January 22, 2009

Early Pregnancy: Do I have to marry?

"My boyfriend and I are both 16 years old. I am pregnant. He is willing to marry me but I am two sided. Both our parents want us to get marry and support us. We are still in college and I have so many plans in mind. If i get marry.. will i be happy? will i not regret it? if i won't marry-what will happen to me? "

So many questions arises when early pregnancy happens. At this stage, some teenagers who find hard to open it up to family tends for abortion or suicide. On the other hand, some parents demands for marriage. Perhaps for a reason to avoid social/community gossips, religion, and family's credibility.

I have a very close friend who get pregnant at the early stage of 18 and both are still in college. They were seem excited to get marry and seem nobody can separate them. Both parents demands for marriage. Actually, they were just 5months way getting to know as boyfriend/girlfriend.

Because of pregnancy, the girl has to stop school. After the birth, the boy decided to take a job to sustain the needs of his family. Well, actually the boy's parents were there always to financially support them. But it was a boy's pride to ought his responsibilities. On the way of marriage life, teenage spirit aroused to the boy's part- hangouts with friends, discos, beer drinkings and marijuana at the end.

These were not handled well, that they started fighting and hurting the girl. After a year the girl decided to come back to his parents. They got their own separate ways. The girl fall in love with someone but cannot marry him (because she is still legally married and applying for divorce is very expensive and long to wait) while her husband is still enjoying the peers with his friends.

The attitude is, marriage is not the answer of pregnancy to teenage couples. Getting marry at early age really changes everything you have planned for. Mostly regrets comes in for many reasons and factors. And only few survives. Well, i guess it is a matter of decision but being pregnant should not be the first basis why you have to marry. Think a lot if both could be responsible enough to be not just a parents but as a husband and wife.