Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hard to say "Sorry"

Saying sorry is sometimes hard to say. Hard to admit we made a mistake and we have hurt someone. In other way, we ca never feel sorry if we are not guilty and never feel hurt in return.

"I'm sorry" is also powerful as saying "I love you" to the person. And perhaps much harder to utter than confessing love. It is an incredible and powerful word that makes you to cry and laugh.

Why is it sometimes hard to say sorry? Was it because you feel you are not to blame? or was it because of PRIDE?

What if you really feel guilty and wanted to say sorry but the word Sorry is hard to speak?

One way to express sorry when it's hard to say. Once you hold him in your arms, for sure there is no way for him to say no but to hug you in return too.

When you smile to the one you have, he would assume you have accepted your mistakes and wants things start over again. Well, if he don't smile back.. it is okay. At least some pinch of guiltiness were pulled out. It is up to him to carry that burden.

Tapping shoulder - well, it's obviously mean that what had happened were all forgotten.

Showing good - this is hard to describe by him and perhaps would took long but easy to express sorry for you. Just do chores that could lighten him, help him in not obvious ways, bring foods to all and give him share to, and just keep silent and never utter if no good words to say.

Above all mention, I admit it is hard for me too. And thru actions have always been my ways to show how sorry I am. This especially, when you feel sorry to one older than you.

Pride really ruins everything when not properly use. Think a hundred times before you say words when someone in front of you is angry. But I know this things hard to remember when you are into the situation of hurting and pride being touch. Hurting words easy to utter when we were hurt and regret at end.

Well, we are not all perfect. Sometimes pride is the only thing that make us strong and move. Each of us is carrying a banner of PRIDE.. and it is hard to HUMBLE down. So let us just mine our own banner so that saying SORRY will never be raised up.

Isolated Me!!

Since last week, my days were never good... Nothing bad happened.. it was juz that i don't feel much talking even with my friends at office.

Goin' to office and rightly seat on my chair and concentrating to works and blogs. At lunch, I never care what stories my officemates were talkin about.. I was busy thinking of anything, eating and savoring the real flavor of the f
oods.. At home, I juz take dinner and watched TV all night till 1am.

Everyday, doin this.. Isolating my world for myself alone..gosh.. I juz realized it's so boring beein alone. But I never really feel bein punky this time..

Been so busy in office and mind crossing east and west of many things.. Till i began to asked myself and wonder where will this career leads?.. am i a professional? am i proud of myself? where will i be next? - so that was a reason i posted be called a Professinal Civil Engineer"

Maybe perhaps I was waiting for much better things to happen along the way.