Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pussyrats on the go - CAMP SABROS

October 1, 2008 was declared holiday in respect of Muslims Ramadhan festival.. So the pussyrat girls- melowdee , louraine , mae and I explore what Camp Sabros so known with..

Camp Sabros word means Sacdalan Brothers, is located in Kapatagan, Digos City. A beautiful area atop a mountainous wilderness of lush greens, 3980 feet above sea level. A two hour bus travel from Davao City which cost 64 pesos. From the old terminal of Digos city we hired a motorcycle 80 pesos/head for almost an hour up and down of the road. Then made a stop on the checkpoint and began to hike up the entrance to the camp for less 30minutes.

We got all the time enjoying the place, zipp lines, shouting and most of all memories of friendships. Well, at least we felt what it is when superman!!!! The feelings hard to describe but the feeling up their in a split of seconds were all worries free...