Sunday, July 5, 2009

I hate my heart...

I do not understand what love and life has something in common.
Why loving someone means a whole world of living.. and when he hurts you means of dying.
The pain of broken love is like a living death.
And what hurts most is seeing the one you love loving someone else..

Why is there such a word time - when all you can have are tomorrows,
when all you need now is past.
Why is there such a word late - when all i did was to wait.
Why I am so unwise? or this is the right thing for us?
When we were together.. the world is so cruel or was it just hearts are full of grudges.
Why I still ache when I thought I was over you, when i thought I have my life now.
There is no getting over -because inside, my heart cripples.
I do not know love until I met pain..
I can't believe - I made a greatest mistake in my life.
Was it? or better things never yet seen

Love is never blind - it was our choice to be blinded.

I don't know where this words are leading.
All i know now - my heart is dying.

A love can never be right again and nothing we can do.

Goodbye ...