Monday, September 8, 2008

Parents to Parents

Bob and i have been friends/classmates in civil engineering since 1999 of college starts and been lovers for 56months..hmm.. well counting forward of 10years knowing together..we have decided to get married even despite of miles apart for 2 years because of work.

Well, here it comes the Filipino culture where the family of the boy must personally ask the
approval of the girl's parents. His hometown is about 4hours bus travel from here my home.

The used to be culture of
before the approval of parents was the boy has to serve the girl's family for not less of three months where he would either do the cook, laundry or some household chores in order to please the family and somehow give ease to the parents that the man is ready to serve their daughter of whatever means.

And the day that both parents will meet, before they could enter the house of the girl the family of the boy should render a song as they say in poem way (like the Songs of Solomon or Balak) or hire someone to do for them and must not forget to brin
g foods for offering. This i think is done to declare their good intentions to the woman. And if everything would run smoothly, the family of the boy are welcome in to the house of the girl and have banquet with them and discuss the matter of wedding.

I really do not know much about this c
ulture or to whom tribe it started.But well bob has a Boholanon blood and i am a Genuine Ilongga.But actually we did not observe this practices. As of days now, we can think it is really corny and funny to do. Maybe because in the city we see that this practices has not been observed strictly and more are adapting the western cultures. Eventhough, this was not done during the meetings of our parents last August 29, 2008, gave us different feelings of excitement and fear. I prepared the table, drinks, rice and fruits while bob brought foods from the resto where we made reservations a day before. Well, as i have observed our parents came click and close so easy. They just discuss about our wedding just a matter of minutes but the rest of four hours were about wars and terrorisms. Gosh! how about our wedding!!! Well, as long our parents view feels better

Therefore, my wedding day? expect on December 23,2008. Now busy working and wedding matters while bob is far back to his work.
Wish me luck guys!!!.