Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My 1st Experience in a Hotel Alone in San Francisco

San Francisco, California? Nope! Am talking bout San Francisco, Agusan Del Sur, Philippines..

..for our Infrastructure project assessments in this area.

"Wise Hotel" it has a new name called "Smart Drive Inn"... Yet still people on that place get used of the old name.

Well, this is my room. Room #22.Cozy & cuttie. What makes it difference is I am ALONE & FREE!

Feels like an alien.. a tourist in this place am not familiar with.
I could have a great time knowing myself & enjoy the moment while everythin is mine now. Tomorrow might not all be the same.

My heart feels light.. I could sleep without no one hurdling my pillows..I have my own cable tv and of course NO alarm clock of my mother's unstoppable mouth!!
But I could not sleep so I made myself busy..singin out lout.. callin my mama and little bro wang on phone..watchin tv.heck!!… juz to stop myself thinking creepy faces and things under my bed!!!

Only one thing I realized.. I couldn’t be happy alone without my family.. I couldn’t sleep without my little bro beside me..

"How are they now?"

Then by next day morning, I just realized I was able to sleep and it felt good even it was juz four hours... I took an early bath and strolled to the market--taking pictures and meeting people.

It was a time of my life I enjoyed SAN FRANCISCO..

I left my heart in SAN FRANCISCO as what my friend Adelle


Fernando C. Zamora said...

hi. id been there too. wise hotel is nice hotel too :-). i slept one night there and that's all hahahaha... went back to davao afte that stopover.. regards...

Anonymous said...

I left my heart in San Francisco..

melee said...

watta! so you slept alone wahahaha. you know what i am kind a person can't sleep alone "I AM AFRAID OF THE DARK AND ALONE". always think so deep scary i want to fight that fear but huhuhu. but in your experience awesome your so very brave girl i like you.. awesome..

Mrs. Stevenson said...

cool! thats a nice hotel and clean too compared to the economy hotel here in states. hope u can add me to ur links. ill do the same.

Ranjeet Kr. Vimal said...


BCS said...

I'd love to have another one of this sort of experience again :)