Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Friday

After my travel in San Francisco, Agusan del Sur and a night at Wise Hotel (read My 1st Experience in a Hotel Alone in San Francisco-below), i felt 75% less burdened of office works.. So i got time to blog hop and post more. Since April 2008 I wasn't able to give much time for it. My viewer numbers were so discouraging.

My blogger friend and office mate,Sir doods always asked "how's ur blog?".. Well, i just said.."nothin to update, got no time, i'm discouraged.".

Just this Tuesday, i started my three day blog hoppin' and posting.My last viewer numbers was 302.. and now look at it! It's 661!!!

Now, feels like im back at start. The enthusiast in blog hoppin and thinkin what to post is increasing!!hihihi..But what really make me glad? I realized, if you do lots of blog hoppin- you'll meet lots of new friends, read their different points of views, interest, travel there countries and see the wonders of creations and inventions...

It feels like "I belong!"


Fernando C. Zamora said...

halo. thanks for the tag. it's so nice to be featured through a tag. blogging is a new way of expressing one's inner self, thoughts, musings, etc. and i find it therapeutic aside from you have the chance to make friends with other nationalities across the globe and learn from them their unique cultures... sharing is the key here...i have become so involved in my traffic results with a a goal to reach the pinnacle that every blogger wants to attain. goodluck my friend and happy blogging! promise? ok, promise LOL.

nahj12 said...

thanks for dropping by.. and dont feel discourage.. i agree mith mr fernando zamora here.. its an expression of your own mind.. self ad all.. :).. keep blog hopping :)

Raft3r said...

thanks 4 visiting The Deadbeat Club

care to exchange links?

LoUraiNe said...

hehhe congratz nang. thats a great leap. :)

salingPUSA said...

like one friend of mine once said, blogging is therapeutic. It is, until you become too conscious of your stats. It is an everyday struggle for me to fight the temptation of just posting and blog hopping just for the sake of stats. Everyone of us should. The best thing is to enjoy and good thing you feel like home again. That's how it's supposed to be.

Continue posting and enjoy the ride. From time to time, pasabit kami ha.kkk

leviuqse said...


i also get discouraged, no when i get so tamad in posting, just enjoy it, it really is therapeutic and it's a good outlet for our feelings. go gurl!