Thursday, November 20, 2008

Isolated Me!!

Since last week, my days were never good... Nothing bad happened.. it was juz that i don't feel much talking even with my friends at office.

Goin' to office and rightly seat on my chair and concentrating to works and blogs. At lunch, I never care what stories my officemates were talkin about.. I was busy thinking of anything, eating and savoring the real flavor of the f
oods.. At home, I juz take dinner and watched TV all night till 1am.

Everyday, doin this.. Isolating my world for myself alone..gosh.. I juz realized it's so boring beein alone. But I never really feel bein punky this time..

Been so busy in office and mind crossing east and west of many things.. Till i began to asked myself and wonder where will this career leads?.. am i a professional? am i proud of myself? where will i be next? - so that was a reason i posted be called a Professinal Civil Engineer"

Maybe perhaps I was waiting for much better things to happen along the way.

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