Monday, January 12, 2009

Is he the Right Man for Me?

Been dating long? Wondering if he is the right guy for you? Hard to admit for girls, but these question makes us insecure and began to doubt.

Why don't you pause for a while and think than pursuing long to man you never sure with.

Is he the right one for me?

1. He makes you feel comfortable and value your happiness.

Getting involved in relationship does not mean that we girls should always think and plan of what makes him happy. We should see that out of his effort he can bring at ease and smile to you when you are together. If he seems to be "think of me" - value his own interest and happiness.. duh..forget him.

A successful relationship is with the effort of both partners to give respect and honor. He should be willing to go beyond his own self-interest and sees the value of things and people you hold dear.

2. He gets positive score from your family and friends

You can never know the person well unless you get time to involved with his family and friends. A big factor if he introduce you to his family. With them, you can know how he was at the days of his childhood, teenage, and to the time you were not there yet. By that, you will learn to understand him more.

See the group of friends he has. The kind of activities they are involved with and how his group defines him as a friend.

Introduce him also to your family and friends. Give him a moment to talk and mingle with them out of your effort. Just observe and ask them how he was.

If everything comes positive, well, take a heed and smile. If not, think more and wonder why.

3. He can handle and resolve conflicts.

A relationship can never grow without a test of pain and fights for differences. If a guy pouts out, keep on blaming, and shows sign of withdrawing, it is obvious enough that he is very immature to be serious with you. Both partners should be open for the communication and discuss the reasons. This is a good way to deepen the relationship.

No man could be define as " perfect" but there is always a "right man" just for you. Easy to find, if you make yourself also the right one for him.


leizlmarie said...

bongga! expert inputs!

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Online4ever said...

nice info sis..
it's not easy to get positive score though T_T

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Nanaybelen said...

ang swerte naman kung makakita ka nang lalaking ganyan

med said...

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Bhing said...

Well.. I like the post.. I don't want to leave your blog without leaving a comment.. As with the question, Is he the right man for me? Well, base from the input you stated, it seems my boo got it all.. LOL.. What makes good with our relationship is we became good friends first, then best friend and now, we are in the higher level! In fact, our relationship is more than 3 years now.. Before, there were some trials but we passed them all.. =)

Game_Lover said...

Good and nice reviews...!

Life is beautiful if we see it and respond beautifully

Good job, keep post !

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