Monday, November 17, 2008

to be called a Professional Civil Engineer???

Something came across my mind while i was busy doing CAD works about Map locations of our company's project..I am a civil engineer now. I have passed the board exam in one clicked,(hmmm don't ask my score rate), got experienced in structural designing (merely 2- storey up residentials and commercial buildings on steel and concrete frames), some small details of bridges, and hydraulic systems. I was able to handle hmmmm small projects I say but proud to say I was the one handled it and able to gave big profits to the company I worked before. I'm acquainted with 2D CAD and basics of 3D and some structural programs.. but still for myself these experiences i have now - were not enough to take pride and shout for there are far more better .. who designed and constructed amazing structures in this world..I have a very long long long way to go and sweat....

when can I say that I am really a professional Civil Engineer?

I passed this question to some of my friends on this field.

"when you are practicing your Civil Engineering Works with wide-depth knowledge and experiences, with technical basis,ethics, safety, economics, share and continue education.... respect other profession and fellow civil engineer...." from one of my boss sir Roel a land and water development expert/consultant.

"yup i think experience can make you one
board exam is nothing but a mere reflection of how much have you learned in college
but the the profession itself can be learned thru experience... " from my friend adelle who is also a civil engineer.

"if u r license then u r a professional civil engineer!" from sir Rickie, civil engineer and bridge expert/consultant.

"it has something to do with your attitude towards your profession as a whole" from my friend chester, an archtectural engineer in Palau.

but if we clearly define what PROFESSIONAL means in dictionary it is trained, skilled, practiced, expert, proficient, and certified..

for me to put conclusion what a professional civil engineer is..
" License matter in this field to be called civil engineer.. wide and depth experienced in its scope is a great credit.. but what matters most is CHARACTER.

It is the way you can gain respect from others to be called professional.

What is the use of telling the world "i'm a professional civil engineer!" when you look around there is much better than you that juz keep his silence and humble.

Well, the road to success is always under construction to CIVIL ENGINEERS.
Unending task and unending journey towards the world of PROFESSIONALS.


sunny said...

holla amigo!!! its the combination of Knowledge,Skills and of course the ATTITUDE! good luck!

Fernando C. Zamora said...

wow.. nindot ang post. kanang maayo ka kaayo sa imong field ug dunay respeto sa uban kalinya sa maong field - ang tawag dayon niana professional... kung nag-awas ang pagkamaayo -- very professional... gudlak.

Ronald said...

professional means by profession, by achievements, by the way u bring urself...etc

Umma said...

Congrats Badz, I hope u will be able to build bridges over there and make your parents proud. Our country needs someone like you.

lusia said...

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Aya said...

make u parents proud

enhenyero said...

to be called professional civil engr means you are licensed by the governing body to practice your profession. Can sign contracts, plans , and be held responsible of things you have done while on practice. Goodluck on your career and always bear in mind the code of ethics of our profession.