Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Does Online Dating Really Works

I was surprised when my cuzin Jodi called saying Vic wants to see and marry her. She was so very excited and Vic is unstoppable buzzing me on ym how she loves Jodi - the voice, laughter, and the comforting words.

Jodi, 32, works in Hongkong while Vic is in Florida,20 years older than her. Actually they just met on line and are planning to meet in person on time. To cut the story- now they very in love with each other and wants to get marry.

Does online relationship really works out? Are there still someone online that is in quaity, attaractive and of course available? With just one click can I be lucky to hit one?

Perhaps, yes, there are still many good men online looking for good women to spend their life with. I have heard about couples who met online and now are in commitments and getting married.

Online dating has changed a lot since its conception. Before it was mostly for flirting and interacting virtually (cybersex, photo exchange, etc). Nowadays it seems more like online meeting and dating in order to find real relationship.

There are many online dating sites services open 24 hours where members have all had background checks performed prior to being admitted.


1. You can be anonymous with no commitment from you the user. Of course you may do so but at your own discretion and when you feel completely safe.

2. Gain confidence by chatting to lots of singles, exchanging compliments and building up your ego at the same time.

3. Friend Finder and perhaps love. Thus, it bridge geographical barriers.

1. Not all people who visit dating sites are interested on online dating. Some are just for fun, flirting and hmmm for virtual sex .

2. There are many users who provide false information of themselves. Some pretends to be single but they are actually married and have children. Some disguise their age, appearance, status, or gender.

3. Some are for scams and some have hidden intentions for white slavery or human trafficking.

When you are engaging to online dating, have a little caution and attention to every detail to protect yourself too. Screen out the wrong men online that seems to start conversation for fun. Sometimes it is good to be not true so hide facts about you.

Online dating can lead to many wonderful adventures in the dating world. It is not impossible to find the person of your dreams just one click away.


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Ukrainian Girl said...

This is an interesting and helpful article for online daters. Yeah, I agree that one should not let her or his guards down when going for an online date to avoid being an easy prey to scams and frauds.

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OHMYGUMS said...

It works for me! Happily married for 7 years now :) So lucky !

Anonymous said...

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Sexual Gratification said...

However, people comment that online dating websites are not safe there is lot of scam, if you do online dating then you may be cheated and so on.

But why don’t you think from its advantage point of view, in off line world, you may have hesitation to talk to someone for dating purposes but online you can talk to anyone who you like, arrange date and you have much flexibility to understand your partner.

For tips and advice you may visit it guides you and tells you about safe dating.

Most importantly, it gives you much flexibility to select your partner depending on styles, age, area, languages, religion, profession and a lot more.

Anonymous said...

pag-sure oi.. hinimo kaha nimo i nga article? i doubt.. kaila baya ko nimo.. hehehehe

Anonymous said...
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Ricky said...
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Ricky said...

I think it is just a tool. You have to use it wisely to make it works for you. Now it’s a successful concept. These days online dating sites are really helpful for singles looking for real and honest partners for long term relation.

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